The Beast At Kings Island POV

The Beast Roller Coaster:
The Ultimate Thrill Ride POV

The Beast Roller Coaster POV

Experience the World's Longest Wooden Roller Coaster POV ~

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable thrill ride at Kings Island Ohio, home to The Beast, the world's longest wooden roller coaster. Spanning over an impressive 7,359 feet long, this legendary coaster reaches speeds of up to 64.8 mph and features a jaw-dropping drop of 141 feet. It's no wonder that The Beast remains one of the fastest and tallest wooden coasters worldwide, providing an adrenaline-packed journey full of twists and turns that'll make your heart race and your hair stand on end.

The Beast was designed and constructed by renowned coaster designers John C. Allen and Carl E. Phare back in 1979, and it has been wowing riders ever since. In fact, over 54 million riders have experienced The Beast since its debut, and it continues to be one of the most sought-after coasters globally.

This epic coaster is constructed from Southern Yellow Pine, treated to endure the ride's wear and tear. The ride has undergone multiple retracks and renovations over the years to ensure rider safety and maintain its exhilarating qualities.

What sets The Beast apart from other coasters is its length. No other coaster comes close to The Beast, with its closest competitor, the Voyage coaster at Holiday World in Indiana, measuring just over 6,400 feet long, over 900 feet shorter than The Beast.

At Liam Out Loud, we're dedicated to living life to the fullest and experiencing everything the world has to offer. A ride on The Beast is a true bucket list experience that delivers the ultimate adrenaline rush. Don't wait any longer; join us on The Beast at Kings Island Ohio for an adventure of a lifetime!

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